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  • Fitness Section For The Yearbook


    Hello all,

    The forum Yearbook will feature a fitness section which will include personal essays, articles, tips, recipes, etc for living a healthier lifestyle. We would love to have some personal essays from those of you who have made a life change for the better and/or may have lost a signficant amount of weight. Your personal story will help to make the yearbook shine. Any tips you might have for weightloss, how to stay focused, encouragement, etc would fit very well into that section.

    If you would like to send something in, please do so before March 10th to Bless7 at

    Thank You,
    Gigglezk and Bless7
    NP Yearbook Editors


    Ok...maybe I've been away from forum for too long. What is the forum yearbook?


    The forum Yearbook will be a book that is kind of a reflection of forum, magazine style but in a yearbook format. It will include several section showcasing on forum members as well as articles, recipes, accomplishments, etc. And of course, it will include lots of photos. It will be released this April.



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