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  • Feeling Discouraged


    Whoa! What a generalization. I'm sorry she hurt you like that. She probably didn't know the appropriate response. It was just shocking to her that you would cut your hair off. I hope herr response changes.



    I'm sorry to hear about your Mom. From one who has had similar experiences...Lately I've tried to see her perspective. There is a chance that she is worred about you. She might be hoping that her insults will lead you to give up your God Given hair and play it safe. Supposedly, women with natural hair aren't able to succeed, get a job, friends, a boyfriend, etc. <_< The things she's saying might be said out of fear.

    Initially I used to get very, very upset over some of the negative things I was told. And now most of the time, I'm either or

    Pleae don't give up!!! ^_^ You are beautiful the way God made you. And the ladies on this site are proof that every stereotype about who you can't be and what you can't have because of your hair is WRONG.


    just keep your head up. my mom hated my hair and called it "ugly" and all sorts of names but i just ignored her comments. i'm about your age.

    what i found funny is that my hair has now overtaken hers in length and volume (even though i started all over with my hair). i kind of rubbed it in her face once and she got mad.

    you probably should have transitioned by cutting off an inch of relaxed hair at a time. that's what i did. I know some girl who cut hers all off and some people think she's gay. older ladies can usually get away with shorter hair i think, even natural hair. lol
    such a brave thing you did

    just keep your head up, girl. it'll be shoulder length before you know it

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