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  • "do Something With That Head"


    i have a co-worker whos always telling me what to do with my locs. but her hair is falling out and she has a receding hairline like a old man. people like her kill me giving hair advice but there hair is in shambles. even told me that some people are not gonna wanna hire me cause of my hair.


    I would have just hit her with a classic forum line:

    Your shackles are showing.

    One Love,


    ointlaugh:Quote:I would have just hit her with a classic forum...

    Takin' it back to de ol' skool....

    I prob would have came at her with the real deal....

    "Let's be honest...this is my hair. Besides - I would never think to tell you that e'rybody knows you sportin' a fake ponytail and my hair is much healthier....but since we're being honest.... e'rybody knows that the ponytail that you are wearing is fake and my hair is much healthier. I'm glad we could have this conversation...."

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