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  • Did You See The Essence Mag For June?


    I love the natural hair styles in this magazine. However, the stylists that did the styles are located in NYC.

    Please help. Do you know any stylists in Baltimore or DC that can do these styles? I am in desperate need of a new stylists. I would like these styles because they can last about a month or so.

    Thanks in advance,

    By they way, I would have post this in the Natural Hair Services Forum, but it doesn't look like many posters are lurking there.

    Also, please send me any information you can share.


    Is it the issue with Usher on the front? I didn't see any styles, what page. I missed that one.


    Yea they usually only have like one natural hairstyle in Essence. Its like a quota they fill or something. The only one I see is on Page 60 in the June issue with Usher on the front.


    Yea they usually only have like one natural hairstyle in...

    okay thanks I must have skipped that page.


    I love the natural hair styles in this magazine.* However,...

    in baltimore, i have been to Nappee by Nature. it's on York Rd near cold spring lane. the young lady who did my hair was named Bebe.

    also, i don't know the name of the shop but there is a natural salon on Reisterstown Rd. it's actually next door to a beauty salon owned by my pastor. the name of my Pastor's shop is Opulence. if you can get the address for Opulence then you'll be able to check out the natural salon next door. 2 men from church used to go their to get their locks maintained and they always looked great. the only reason i haven't tried there is because i used to live on the other side of town.

    hope that helps

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