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    Hello Sisters,
    I am about to move into cute new spot and I am looking for some inexpensive ways to make it beautiful. Please share some your ideas or photos. Thanks in advance



    I am about to move into cute new spot and...

    Like you I'm on a serious budget, but I'm still planning on rolling up my sleeves and doing some serious redecorating to my livingroom and diningroom. Visit www.inoutdecor.com. They have some great ideas and tips to get you started. They even have a free sewing pattern for making your own custom slipcovers available on the site! I'm going to redesign the doors on my entertainment center with wood and copper sheeting scraps, and I'm stripping and refininshing my coffee table adding a tile mosaic. That's just for starters...

    Go to the home decorating section of the library, and also visit HGTV for additional ideas and inspiration. ^_^


    sroperlocs.............I'm always looking for a look for less, even for the home. I am addicted to watching the home decorating shows to get ideas. There are many shows on HGTV and I love Celebrity Home on the Style channel.

    In expensive artwork, accessories (vases, wicker, flowers etc) and area rugs help to define different spaces and you make it personal by adding your own flare.

    I am eclectic, so I have a few odd pieces here and there but that only makes it me .


    sroperlocks: This is what is currently helping me re: home decorating:

    $500 room decorating --look this up on Amazon.com, book is amazing. I am currently redecorating my house and I have actually used suggestion from this book over and over.

    Bargain Style magazine (Better Homes and Gardens special publications), new one should be out for fall '06
    Real + Life Decorating (another Better Homes and Gardens special publications), new one should be out for fall '06 as well
    Domino Magazine - although it can show moderate/expensive pieces, great for checking out sources

    Pier 1 (only to get ideas....I love there set decorator)

    www.apartmenttherapy.com - check out other people putting their homes for show. This is an actual contest.

    Sheila Bridges -- Fine Living Channel
    Neat - Discovery Home
    Celebrity Home -- Style network
    Freestyle - HGTV
    B. Original - DIY Network
    Creative Juice --DIY Network
    Material Girls -- DIY Network
    24Hr Design -- New show on HGTV
    Small Space Big Style -- HGTV

    I have more...but I'll let you start with these suggestions first.


    Y'all are the best! Thank you sisters. Keep em coming


    this is really helpful. I want to redecorate too. Hey lets post pictures for inspiration


    Good Will is a inexpensive place to find great items. Or any consignment/resale shop.

    There's a magazine Budget Living that has good ideas.
    I also like Urban Outfitters. Find something you like there and see if you can find it on craigslist or a resale shop for less.


    don't buy new furniture; buy slipcovers. even if you shell out $200-300 on attractive slip covers, you'll still be coming out waaaay ahead than if you bought a new sofa, love seat, and single chair.

    reupholster a chair. find a vibrant, durable material to replace a chair's design.

    green plants or rubber trees. they make a room homey. they clean the air naturally (especially snake plants and philadendrons).

    paint one wall. you don't have to invest in painting an entire room. pick a wall to make a focal point and give it a fresh color.

    window treatments. personally i don't like curtains, drapes, or blinds. i loooooove wooden shudders that come halfway the window, allowing natural light to enter from the top half of the window.

    rearrange the furniture. my husband and i periodically change our bedroom furniture around for a change of pace. even if you can't afford to invest in new things, just changing the existing things around is enough to make things look different.

    another thing. find a different place for a lamp. we can make any room in our house look different just by putting a lamp in a different part of the room. having lamp light shine down from a high dresser makes the room look different than when it's in a far corner on a low table.


    My trick is to use color. I have painted every room in my house an interesting color in a way that one room flows into the other. I slipcovered my furniture and recovered my chairs by removing the seat and stapling. Interesting things scattered about like a few nicely stacked books or vases with eucalytus and ***** willows. I added shutters to my dining room windows and found colored blinds in discount stores. Stores like TJMaxx or Home Goods sell plates and odd things that you can place stategically around the home too.

    I am currently working on a room that will be used as an office and have been mulling over colors for a few months now (which is often the case). I came up with Asparagus green from Behr for the walls, and Merlot colored fabric for the furniture. The third and binding color will be something like Navajo White or Macadamia. I have swatches of this stuck on the wall and have been looking at them in every light situation.

    My friends enjoy visiting my home and tell me that it is so colorful and inviting.


    I like to find the things that you can hang plates etc on the wall. I found some interesting looking plates at the Goodwill store and I hung them on my kitchen wall. I also like to hang pictures etc in the upstairs hallway.


    Great suggestions ladies. Please post pictures!


    I have a kinda different suggestion. Don't be in a hurry to decorate. Your home will tell you how it wants to look and what it wants in its space. Look for inspiration in your environment.

    I made a wall hanging for my bathroom. It's hung up with a tree branch.

    I have a rock sculpture in my kitchen window. Some hot glue and rocks I gathered over a period of time.

    I love arts and crafts fairs. Almost each room in my home has a unique something from a starving artist.

    Coupons, coupons, coupons - Hobby Lobby has 40% anything in the store a couple of times a month

    In my den, I have one of those cheap round wood tables with an equally cheap round tablecloth (Target I'm sure); I covered them however with table scarf I made from free drapery fabric sample squares. Some of those same fabrics were used to cover cardboard boxes (purchased at Hobby Lobby with that coupon) that I've placed on the other end of the couch

    Just take your time and you'll end up with a lovely home

    ETA: I love the suggestion about the plates. I was thinking about adding a couple to my bathroom walls.


    These are some great ideas!

    daysrnew... I bet the aspargus and merlot is going to be beautiful! Please post pics if you can.
    I have been on behr.com all week.
    NocnitsaL: Thanks for the idea about slipcovers... I think I may invest in some african mudcloth or something and use that one of my chairs.
    I am definitely going to take Clarissas advise and take my time. What I will do is post "before" pictures and post my progess...


    Watch design on a dime.
    You can make pillows out of the cloth place matts.
    think about revamping old furniture. Don't be afraid to use sheets and blankets as curtains or as material to make fabulous throw pillows.

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