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  • Daily glycerin damaging????


    I have been using glycerin and water sprays every day then applying Scurl which also has glycerin. One of my natural friends said that it breaks down the strength of the hair over time. Recently my hair has been breaking and I know that I have used Motions CPR to strengthen my strands but still the hair is breaking. Yet my hair is quite moist and no it is not too soft.

    Could glycerin be the culprit? Please help!


    I used to use glycerin everyday, and I noticed my hair started to feel hard and rough. A lot of nappies told me that glycerin made their hair feel yucky. So at the advice of my hair mentor, I laid off the glycerin, and my hair felt better within a couple of days. I haven't used it since... HTH


    My experience with glycerin is actually quite positive and beneficial to my hair. I don't use it every single day b/c it isn't necessary for me. I used to spray more than twice a week but the only complaint I had about my hair was it felt too "greasy" so I cut back on it to once a week, maybe even twice a week during hot and dry seasons.

    I just started making my own glycerin sprays but I used to use StaSoFro. My hair continues to be moisturized, conditioned, and soft.

    With ANY product, it's not such a grand idea to pile on your hair anyway so maybe the overuse of the product or products has caused the damage to your hair. Also, are you manipulating your hair quite often? Exactly what are you doing with your hair when you're spraying it? Are you picking it out, plaiting it, etc?

    If your hair is not responding to glycerin then it may not be for your hair. It's important that you try and test and find out what is true to your hair instead of trying to make it to respond.

    Hope that helps!

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