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    Unfortunately, i can't have any pets at this point in my life, so i'm reducaed to playing with other ppl's pets or looking at pics online. Sad but true. Anyhow this website is the best for dog and cat picks....these are the CUTEST pics you'll ever see. (They also have birds and other small animals). ENJOY!!


    p.s The different categories are to the right of the page.


    this is the best site ever!!! whenever i need some cheering up, or i meet a fellow cuteness lover, i go to this site and giggle and aww like crazy i can't help it, they're so darn cute!!


    This is the best site EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I go to this website at least 2000 times a day...at least...lol!!

    (Even the little mousies are cute!)


    I love this site! I'm just like the OP..

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