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  • Classical Music Lovers?


    I find that I like classical music.

    A few months ago I downloaded a song for the first time (just to try something different). I ended up really enjoying it and want to listen to more because it's soothing. This is the song I purchased

    Anyway....I listen to that song and have it on my iPod. But there's still lots more for me to discover obviously. What's good? I know I could just do an internet search, but I thought this could be a nice thread.


    Beethoven...Mozart....I also like Rachmaninoff....I hear pieces from different places then
    do as you did...buy it or download...
    It's going to be fun learning as you go.
    Have fun! it's really nice to listen to, from very lovely to haunting to like a storm on the ocean!


    I have been listening to Stravinsky's the Rites of Spring lately. A bit more dissonant than Chopin though.

    Some mellower stuff that's great:

    -The Flower Duet by Lakme
    -Vivaldi's Four Seasons
    -Debussey: Prelude to the afternoon of a faun
    -Bach: Brandenburg conciertos

    You can find all this stuff on youtube to get a feel for it. I did not want to post the links here cause that would take up a lot of room.

    I find classical music to be very relaxing too.


    What lay people call classical music is really western art music of which classical is a genre. The genres are Medieval (think Gregorian Chant style), Renaissance (John Dowland, Tallis, early Claudio Monteverdi), Baroque (late Claudio Monteverdi, Bach though Telemann is 10 times better, Handel), Classical (Mozart, Hayden, early Beethoven), Romantic (see below), and Modern/Contemporary (Debussy, Stravinsky, John Cage, Lori Anderson).

    Chopin is a romantic composer, so check out late Beethoven, Liszt, Berlioz, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, or Brahms for other romantic composers. Happy listening


    Cool...thanks Y'all. I will definitely look into those composers.

    and mojitochica you make me want to go to the library and check out a book or something. I didn't know all of that. Thanks! lol


    Now you have me thinking back to musical appreciation class in college. I listen to classical music on the radio regularly. But I am not as knowledgeable as I would like to be.


    Love classical -- allows me to think and feel. It's too much to list, so I'll keep things to a minimum.

    Holidays: Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite
    Lights: Air on a G String - Bach (simply beautiful - ** tear **), Morning Mood - Grieg
    Sadness: Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven, Adagio For Strings - Barber
    Weddings: Cannon in D - Pachelbel, Spring (4 Seasons) - Vivaldi; Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - Bach
    Formals: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Mozart, Brandenburg Concertos # 3-5

    Other: Rhapsody in Blue 2 -Gershwin, Palladio - Jenkins


    Lights: Air on a G String - Bach (simply beautiful...

    i have always found myself giggling at the title. Instead of hearing a masterpiece, i expect to hear a tooty. Lmao

    Abt Classical music, i've come to realize Claude Debussy is my favorite classical composer of all-time. I've always been awed by Claire De Lune (and heard it's gotten some shine in Twilight....even in Janelle Monae's Say You'll Go!!!) i always wanted to do sample it or remake it somehow.

    Then in a vocal class, i came across his cut (yes i said cut) Romance, man. Beautiful again.

    Then in the bathroom of the airport, i heard the beginning of what sounded like an Alicia Keys song (yes, Love Is Like The Sea had the sample....surprise surprise.) Then listened more to it, and it yet another beautiful song. i was like, this HAS to be Debussy. i went home, looked up Alicia's sample, and sure enough, i was right: it was called Arabesque.

    So i really like Debussy (wish i knew how to properly pronounce the name). His chord progressions were kinda...in a way...soulful.


    About a third of my iPod contains classical music, and almost all of that is music that was composed after 1880. So keep that in mind as I offer my recommendations...

    toriq: Deh-byoo-SEE. That's as close as I can get with my French pronunciation, and I studied a lot of French.

    Debussy is my boy from way back...some of his cuts (hee) I have include the Preludes, Books 1 and 2 (solo piano), Nocturnes (orchestra and female choir, one of my most favorite works EVARRRR) and the rarely-heard String Quartet in G.

    starlightbeauty: If you like Chopin, let me hit you up with some Erik Satie. He wrote a lot of pieces for solo piano but this is his most famous piece:

    I only chose him because he does solo piano and he's from "my" period, so to speak...but the way you learn what you like is to listen to lots of different artists from lots of different periods and see what really speaks to you. That's what I did as a kid and that's why I have the music I have.

    I'm supposed to get some extra money in my next paycheck and some of that is earmarked for Einojuhani Rautavaara, who's considered the greatest Finnish composer after Sibelius. I only discovered this guy earlier this year after listening to Q2 online. This is the first movement of one of his more famous works, which is subtitled "Concerto for Birds and Orchestra." Yeah, you read that right...my favorite part starts at about 3:00:


    whoa whoa Thanks everybody for all the suggestions!!!

    I am in my university library most of the time..... I'm going to look some of this stuff up and check it out. I really will!

    Fuzziwuz...the holidays are coming up and I really wanna listen to the Nutcracker. lol I might listen to some of that today!

    Labellatrix...wow, so you have a lot on your iPod. Thanks great to know. I will defintiely be listening to those things!

    toriq...I had no idea that some of the stuff has been sampled, I have to start listening more!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing everybody. I've given all of you reps lol!


    starlightbeauty go to your university's music library


    mojitochica I definitely will!

    Labellatrix, I just listened to the Erik Satie link you posted. Fell in love immediately! I recognized hearing it before. I swear that kinda music just does something to me.

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