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    What makes a clarifier work. Like those V05 clarifying conditioners, what are some ingredients I should looking for? Thank you.


    Don't know what ingredients to look for but I use the VO5 clarifying coniditoner and its good for hair that has been dyed
    I am a no-pooer

    I love the results it leaves my hair feeling really clean and soft

    I tried Sauve's clarifying shampoo and it left my hair feeling dry and brittle
    I will never use it again


    thanks notroz2u! i love it as well. i haven't used shampoo in almost a year and a half now. i'm just trying to figure what is in there to make the hair get cleaner because I can tell a huge difference when i use a reg. conditioner compared to a clarfiying one.

    does anyone know?


    probably natural acids from fruits or plants....a lot of the clarifying conditioners i've seen have some kind of citrus fruit extract or something like that....like the vo5 kiwi & lime. i think suave's citrus smoothie conditioner could be used as a clarifying conditioner too...

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