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    Hello transitioners!

    My sister recently told me that her friend had been using cactus oil in her hair. It has been said that Cactus oil helps retain moisture and allows the hair to grow healthier. I found a product containing cactus oil called Jamaican Mango and Lime Cactus Oil and have found that the edges of my hair have filled in quite nicely.

    Are there any other folks out there that have used or heard about cactus oil? Do you know where I can find other products or pure cactus oil that can be used in the hair? I'm quite pleased with the moisture that it retains in my hair.


    Hello transitioners!My sister recently told me that her friend had...

    Bumping for you.


    It's funny that you should post this. I have had a bottle of the Jamacian Cactus Oil pushed way back on my shelf since last year, and decided to use it after I washed my locks a couple days ago.
    I forgot how nice it makes my hair feel, but I would suggest that you use very little at a time. I have to read the ingredients, because I THINK (can't remember)it might have mineral oil in it also.

    I don't know where you can purchase actual cactus oil...do a search online.

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