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    I found the website From Nature With Love last year. I FELL IN LOVE. I just wanted to share the "Loc Butter Recipe" I use. I do not have locs, I just use it on my natural hair and with twist, braids, etc. I use Extra virgin olive oil instead of avocado oil and no ylang-ylang.


    2 Tbsp shea butter
    2 Tbsp mango butter
    2 Tbsp coconut oil 1 tsp lanolin
    1 tsp sweet almond oil
    1 tsp jojoba
    1 tsp avocado oil
    10 drops-ylang-ylang
    1/8 tsp vanilla fragrance oil (or fragrance oil of your choice)


    Melt ingredients together, pour in container and let cool. Good for hair and skin.
    Makes approximately 4 ounces.
    Just wanted to share

    Has anyone used any of these butters before?
    illipe, sal and kokum butters


    I am well proud of your new found love!
    Trust me I know how you feel!
    I have used used kokum and it is really, really hard - when I use it I only dig (seriosly dig) out a teeny bit.
    Kokum has a long shelf life and is one of the most stable butters around but it is extremely hard but it is nice when mixed with oils or soft butters.


    Thank you! Would you recommend it over say mango, shea or coconut butters? I was considering ordering a sampler pack 6 pack of butters consisting of 4 oz of cocoa, mango, ultra refined shea, kokum, illipe, and sal.

    Thanks for replying!


    What is the lanolin used for? I have all the ingredients except for that.



    This is what I found from From Nature With Love
    "Lanolin is a natural, waterproof emollient derived from the wool of sheep. It mimics our own sebum and acts as an emollient for use in cosmetics and skin and hair care products. It helps the skin retain moisture lending a soft, supple feel to the skin. Lanolin can be added to soap for a rich, creamy lather."

    I would think that the same way it protects sheep from harsh weather, it can protect our skin and hair.


    A plant derived substitute for lanolin is Ucuuba which is used in the Amazon. It absorbs water BUT it has a very distinguishable scent silimar to Unrefined Shea.



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