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  • Best And Worst Weave/wig


    I'm watching I LOVE NEW YORK and it got me to thinking, which Celeb has the BEST and which Celeb has the WORST weave/wig?

    Best Weave: Tweet....it really looks real. Horses everywhere are proud to go bare bottom for those weaves!

    Worst Weave: Miss New Yorks Mom....
    Actually i'm not sure if it's a weave or a Wig...

    Best Wig: Tyra ...always on tight and straight

    Worst Wig: Whitney Houston ....it always looks like it's about to crawl off her head and go running for the hills.


    I have to say generally Beyonce be pulling off the wig well. Worst Foxy with the weave. I don't want to see the damage broken hair sticking up, handle that.

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