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    I was pissed at first but now I'm over it. Still not sure what happened though. I heard that David Chase(the creator and writer) HATES to "spoon feed" the audience and doesn't like the way that most tv shows are so formulatic. So he maybe he left it up to us to figure out. I think you can make argements for a lots of endings...Tony gets whacked...the feds come to get him...or perhaps life just goes on for Tony and his family. I tend to think that given the conversation he had with Bobby early on in the season that he got whacked...they just didn't show it. When I think about it like that the way he ended is kind of neat though quite frustrating. Although as I said an argument could be made for anything....I hope Chase explains it one day..


    I was hella ticked when I first watched it (I thought my cable went out) but now I'm mostly over it. I think David Chase just likes screwing with his audience. I don't believe they ended it that way to accommodate a movie. Chase has stated he is against a movie, and Gandolfini has been saying for years that he's tired of playing Tony.

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