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    Hello Sisters,
    This past week I attended the National Council on Negro women's convention and it was amazing. I received so much support and I was able to sell my book " Young and Debt Free " (http://younganddebtfree.com) to many of the college students and those involved with colleges and Universiites.
    One sister told me that I should contact colleges , preferably the student activities director and mention the book because it is something that many of them will be interested in buying for their students. She mentioned that contacting colleges and having them buy copies, will actually get the book in the hands of the people who really need it ( and coleges have the money and its a education/tax write off). However, I will be able to get better results if I can reference someone or have someone refer so that I can say that so, and so refered me and thinks that Young and Debt Free is a book that students at XYZ University should be aware of. Does anyone know the student activities director at their school?

    Thank you

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